The capacity of The Platform to interconnect and share data with other webs systems and services is key priority.

Interoperability already makes it possible for The Platform to communicate and share data with a wide range of social media services. This makes it quick and easy to access and use digital content that we already have online.

The development team is working to connect The Platform database with other digital databases at a programming level. This work will enable two-way exchange of content and information and has the potential to open up a exciting new creative and partnership opportunities.

We are working with the National Archives to connect The Platform to its online databases so that artists and communities can get easy access to and work creatively with the national records. The National Local Government Cultural Forum is in the early stages of developing a local government cultural database that could exchange information with the Platform.

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What other database systems should The Platform be able to communicate with and share information?

How would you use this Feature in your work?

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