Each year there are a number of great community arts and cultural development conferences, forums and gatherings held across the country. Imagine if we could connect these events and capture the knowledge through a shared online system and database? Imagine if people across the country who can’t attend in person could participate and contribute online?

The Platform is developing and trialling tools to support us in organising and delivering these important sector events.

International Teaching Artists Conference - 2014

At the First International Teaching Artist Conference in Oslo 2012, teaching artists and those who work with them gathered from 26 countries for the first time and recognized they all belong to an international field that shares a common DNA. The Second International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC2) in July 2014 builds upon that foundation—bringing the field together in Brisbane, Australia for three days, to activate its potential as a global movement. 

The Platform development team have been working with the ITAC2 Conference convenors to test and develop features to add value to the gathering and help achieve the goal of building a global teaching artists movement.

Platform members are invited to join or follow the ITAC2 Platform project.

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