3. Networks and Partnerships

Started Thursday 26th June, 2014

Networks and partnerships lie at the heart of effective teaching artistry. ITAC 2 (Brisbane 2014) brings together teaching artists from over a dozen countries so what networks can we begin to build from this July? How do we sustain them? Where are our powerful partnerships and who are we partnering with??


Simon Spain Tue 1st Jul, 2014 15:21pm
As somebody who is responsible for running a program that employs teaching artists (ArtPlay and Signal), I would look forward to an international network of third spaces that employ artists to engage in programs... That network would be good for organisations who work in this area to share the stories of running venues dedicated to this kind of engagement ..not projects in the field, nor in schools.. But programs which straddle large scale open public programming with smaller longer term programs for specific communities.
Thabani Hilary Moyo Wed 2nd Jul, 2014 22:19pm

My observation as we discussed this topic was that teaching artists are approaching this area with caution. Partnerships must be be based on honesty, transparency, trust and common objectives. Teaching artist must be careful that they do not create partnerships that will kill diversity of practices and norms. There is need for teaching artists to have the initiative so as to kick start the process of partnerships. How Do teaching artists from the underdeveloped world acess critical resources needed for partnerships?

Linda Lorenza Thu 3rd Jul, 2014 10:11am
Discussion over the last few days has reiterated that often the teaching artist is the outsider coming in to the community in which the project occurs. For individual teaching artists to have a network with each other is vital to the nurturing of the teaching artist through a community of like-minded souls. I look forward to developments here ...